Welcome to SKT 3D CHALLENGE, our new website section dedicated to render contests. This major project blossomed from our past experience in render challenges, which in the last three years were always arranged on social media, Facebook in particular, trying the best we could to overcome the many difficulties that we encountered, in which all those who participated, knew well of.
With the increase in number of competitors (last competition had 600 entered works) and the need to be able to see good image quality (in high resolution), which enables you to enjoy a good all round technical detail of a render, the utilization of Facebook, for this type of competition and purpose, was confirmed as not really suitable for this.
Obviously with use, this site will be continually be subject to improvement. Always pointing towards and finding an optimal solution. So, it is with great joy that we announce the first challenge….
Let’s see what the main highlights are for participants:
  • Registration is free
  • Each competitor will have their own personal page
  • Each competitor can upload their works independently
  • By clicking on the thumbnails, the works will be quickly visible in high resolution
  • We have implemented a system that allows the sharing of each work on major social networks
On the page INFO HELP, you will find a guide for how to use this site and answers to frequently asked questions.
We are delighted to announce our new 3D challenge Arch-Viz Modern Office Building  Render Contest for December 2014 – January 2015, This 3D model was  designed, modeled and rendered  by Qu?c H?u Tr?n, a young architect from Vietnam, who already expresses a quality of the style that is really appreciable and whom we thank very much for allowing us to use his wonderful 3d model.

Modern Office Building is a project that perfectly interprets the architectural trends of recent years:  cement, metal armatures, transparency, glass windows “plein air” effect, simple geometric shapes but with an elegant optical lightness

Create a digital image to create an environment, by using the model provided. The images can be made at any scene, either: natural, industrial, urban, ecological realistic or imaginary. Your job is to create the perfect environment highlighting the best features of this modern office building.
You can replace all the textures as you like, but do not change the appearance and the architectural structure of the project. You can add any personal detail vegetation, background, peoples, creating atmosphere you want, in order to give a distinguishing mark of your own.
 Failure to comply with these Regulations will exclude the competitor from the final selection:
1 – All members belonging to our Facebook public Group 3D Challenge, may participate by registering at the site SketchupTexture Club . Registration is free.
2 – You can use any type of software and any rendering engine
3 – Work will be considered valid that is uploaded to the site. Please upload to the site only your final renders
4 – The competitors, Will have also to upload their “work in progress” within the group 3D Challenge, enabling all to appreciate the work process behind the image thus turning the challenge into an opportunity for confrontation and learning for all.
5 – When uploading your 3d artwork within the group 3D Challenge, you must provide the information of the rendering  engine used
6 – If your “work in progress ” or your artwork, is published in another group or social network you should label: SKT 3D challenge arch-viz international render contest.
7 – Maximum number of renders for each author : no more than 3 final images
8 – Minimum image resolution is 1600 x 900 or 900 x 1600. WARNING if the images have a lower resolution, by default, you cannot upload them to the site.
9 – Each art work must carry the logo  ‘3D CHALLENGE’ that was included in the download
10 – The final date of submission of entries is Saturday January 31,  2015  at midnight Italian time

The 15 art work selected by popular vote, added to the 15 art work selected by admins and sponsor , will constitute the list of
TOP 30 best entries.

The Technical jury will select the winners in the list of TOP 30
First – second – third place
To each competitor will not be awarded more than one prize

  • Start date,  of the popular vote: Sunday, February 1, 2015
  • deadline of the popular vote: Friday February 6, 2015 at midnight Italian time

  • Announcement of results of TOP 30 best entries, Sunday, February 8, 2015

  • start date,  of voting of the technical jury Sunday, February 8, 2015
  • deadline of the voting of the technical jury, Friday, February 13, 2015

  • Announcement of results of winners, Saturday, February 14, 2015

REALISM  scoring  0 / 20
Rendering scene realism – this criterion refers to scene realism and to Complexity of the Scene and of the elements and the variety of elements put in the scene. Demonstrate uniqueness, realism and professionalism
COMPOSITION scoring 0 / 30
Creativity and composition – this criterion refers to the arrangement of the compositional elements and how the artist used them creatively. with particular attention to the coordination of materials and colors. This also refers to how artist attempt risk taking.
this criterion refers to scene lighting, use of shadows, the source of lighting, its behavior and interaction with the scene and that the textures not show signs or repetition or scaling issues.
This criterion refers to “X factor”, the impact of the scene to the judge (first and lasting impression). Is the scene forgettable or it will create an impression, an impact to the viewer?  Initial impact & lasting impression
The awards are sponsored by CG. World Archviz Support
Italian non-profit association for the support and development of the design and designers worldwide
To each competitor will not be awarded more than one prize
First prize                    1000 U.S. dollars

Second  prize               500 U.S. dollars

Third prize                      250 U.S. dollars

2 awards ( special mention )   150 U.S. dollars for each one

At unquestionable decision of the sponsors, among all the competitors will be chosen 2 works for the best creativity and visual impact, for each one, will be awarded a prize of 150 US dollars

To the first place winner  3D competition SketchUpArtists.org will assign one of their exclusive black T-Shirts bearing the SketchUpArtists logo ! So hurry and get your entries in now to get the opportunity to get your hands on one of these rare T-Shirts, last seen at SketchUp Basecamp.

NOTE You are the only responsible for paying all federal and other taxes in accordance with the law that is applied in your state, province, and/or country of residence. You will be required to provide the IBAN (International Bank Account Number ) or PayPal or Western Union references  to receive your Prize. If you do not, Sketchup Texture reserves the right not to deliver the prizes.

Best of luck to all !!