3rd. Edition IS ARCH AWARDS for Architecture Students

3rd. Edition IS ARCH AWARDS for Architecture Students

IS ARCH awards for architecture students

The ISARCH Awards are international awards targeting students of architecture.

The aim is to provide a platform for debate surrounding the architecture solutions students contribute within the framework of their university studies.

A further objective of the ISARCH Awards is to encourage young people to join the debate on architecture, contributing their unique vision and opinions.

Registration: 29th April – 4th November
29th April 2013 Start of the first registration period 60,00 Euros
15th July 2013 Start of the second registration period 90,00 Euros
30th September
Start of the third registration period 120,00 Euros
4th November
Closing date for entries.
11th November – 25th November 2013
  • Publication of all competition entries on the ISARCH website.
  • Deliberation period for the professional panel of judges. (80% of the final score).
  • Public voting period starts on the ISARCH website.(20 % of the final score).
2nd December 2013
  • Announcement on the ISARCH website of:
  • The winners of the First, Second and Third prizes
  • The 10 Honourable mentions
  • The 30 Finalists.

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