Key Dates for the Competition:

13 October 2014         Issue of the Design Brief and Competition Conditions

17 November 2014      Closing date for questions

27 February 2015        Application and payment submission opened

27 March 2015            Final date for despatch of entries and payment

11-14 April 2015         Jury meeting and report

16 April 2015              Notification of prize-winners

9-11 June 2015           Exhibition of prize-winning and selected entries at Stage, Set, Scenery in Berlin

9 June 2015                Official Announcement and prize-giving


Download the complete brief

Download the application form (Application and payment submission will be opened on 27 February 2015)




The OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition is an international ideas competition, aimed at students and emerging practitioners, which is organised every four years by the Architecture Commission of OISTAT (International Organisation of Scenographers, Technicians and Theatre Architects). The next competition will be generously supported by and exhibited at the Stage, Set, Scenery conference and exhibition organised by the DTHG (German OISTAT Centre) in Berlin from 9-11 June 2015. Selected entries will be exhibited and cash prizes awarded.


Competition Theme for TAC 2015

The theme for the competition will be the design of a floating theatre to be moored at a particular location on the river Spree in Berlin, Germany, but capable of being moved to other sites on the river.

The floating theatre will provide a performance space for an audience of 200-300 people and backstage accommodation for a cast of no more than 20 performers. Facilities for the audience, such as foyer space, toilets and refreshment areas will be located on the land and will be temporary and easily moved to another location, when required.

There is increasing interest amongst theatre practitioners in the use of temporary site specific locations to present particular productions. These settings can often provide a unique atmosphere, which resonates with a particular production or style of presentation, in a way which may not be possible in a conventional theatre.

These are the themes to be explored in this competition.

The Brief / Overview

Competitors are asked to design a theatre for a particular performance, which will be defined by the competitor. This may be a conventional performance or something more experimental. We wish to encourage a deeper understanding of the relationship between the performance itself and the space which it inhabits. Collaborations between architects and other theatre practitioners such as directors, designers, technicians, actors, dancers, musicians, or students in those fields, will be welcomed.

The Site

The site for the competition is on the northeast bank of the river Spree in Berlin in an area known as the ?Holzmarkt? or ?wood market?.

This part of the river Spree was the boundary between East and West Berlin during the years of the Berlin Wall and as a result became an undeveloped ?no man?s land?. Since the wall was demolished after unification in 1989 the area has developed slowly with a number of large new corporate buildings further to the east. In recent years the ?Holzmarkt? site, which sits between the river and a railway line, has been occupied
by a co-operative who have erected a number of low cost temporary buildings and structures and use the site as a place for young Berliners to enjoy the river, to eat and drink and to hold cultural events and parties. The co-operative have recently won a bid for the development of the site with the support of a Swiss sustainable pension fund. On the opposite bank of the river is the ?Eisfabrik? a derelict 19thC ice-making factory and a
squatters? camp site.

This is therefore an ?alternative? kind of place in a state of transition.

In the words of the co-operative:

The Holzmarkt is the center of the neighbourhood – physically and spiritually, the market, the creative village, the club and the restaurant invite, surprise, inspire and entertain. Artists, artisans, musicians and hedonists create with and for each other.

The following drawings and photographs of
the site are provided:

Location Plan
Site Plan (.dwg)
Site photos sheets 1-3
Download 2-D & 3-D CAD-Data for TAC2015 Site