ADA 2012, Architecture Dissertation Awards

ADA 2012 – Architecture Dissertation Award is an annual international competition for Architecture final thesis projects, promoted by AWR Competitions – Architecture Workshop in Rome. ADA 2012 awards the most outstanding thesis on the topic of Housing.

ADA 2012, International Architecture Dissertation Awards

The theme presented this year, is the archetype of architecture for design concept. For centuries formal, technological, functional and aesthetic search for housing has been in the middle of a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural debate.

Awards [hr]

1st  Prize    1000 €

4 honorable mentions that will be awarded in the following categories: sustainable quality, technological innovation, architectural quality, social quality.

Schedule [hr]

October 1, 2012 Competition announcement – Registration period begins – Question period is open
December 15, 2012 FAQ Publication 
January 15, 2013 Registration period deadline 
January 20, 2013 Project submission deadline
January 30, 2013 Jury meeting – Evaluation period begins
February 28, 2013 Winner’s announcement