Floor Plan Light Switches

When you have a panel full of light switches, it can be challenging to remember which is which.
The Floor Plan Light switch offers an easy solve.
The switches are modified according to the floor plan of the room and operate accordingly.
So in a single glance you know which switch controls what.

Floor Plan 1

Floor Plan 2

Have you ever been faced with a gaggle of light switches placed side by side in a large home or building and wondered just what each one was for? Sometimes a newer home or office space can have 4, 5 or more switches without labels on a single plate!

Even if it’s your own home that you have lived in a while, it’s easy to forget which one turns on the outside lights, the chandelier in the dining room or the overhead light in the kitchen. There’s not much you can do about it, though, because- to paraphrase an old expression- if you’ve seen one light switch, you’ve seen them all.

That used to be true!

Taewon Hwang, a product designer of Yanko Design, an internationally recognized design firm, has come up with a brilliant idea. You could even say it’s illuminating! His concept puts all those switches into one unit with a replica of the floor plan superimposed on it. Now instead of guessing what each switch in a hodgepodge of switches does, you simply touch the part of the floor plan light switch where the light you want to control is located. Bam! Done.

It’s so simple, only a genius could think of it!boardboardboard