America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools

In the biggest issue of DesignIntelligence ever published, “America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools 2015” presents a definitive analysis of architecture and design programs across the United States.

America's Best Architecture & Design Schools

168 pages, full color


The 15th Annual Rankings

No student, prospective student, school counselor or hiring manager should be without it. Inside the updated and expanded 2015 edition:

  • 20 best undergraduate and graduate architecture schools
  • 15 best undergraduate and graduate landscape architecture schools
  • 10 best undergraduate and graduate interior design schools
  • 10 best undergraduate and graduate industrial design schools
  • Regional rankings of undergraduate and graduate architecture schools
  • Regional rankings of undergraduate and graduate landscape architecture schools
  • Regional rankings of undergraduate and graduate interior design schools
  • Regional rankings of undergraduate and graduate industrial design schools
  • Rankings of architecture programs based on number of Fellows of the AIA
  • Regional rankings of architecture programs based on number of Fellows of the AIA
  • Student Surveys More than 3,840 students rate their satisfaction
    • Architecture Student Survey
    • Landscape Architecture Student Survey
    • Interior Design Student Survey
    • Industrial Design Student Survey
  • Programs most admired by academic deans and chairs
  • Schools that are best preparing students in design, communication, and other specific skills
  • Accreditation and Licensure Quick Reference Guide


  • Architecture and Design Careers: Great Today, Better Tomorrow
    An optimistic assessment on the future of the design professions
    —James P. Cramer
  • A Master of Architecture Online: LTU’s Educational Experiment
    A promising prototype for architectural education
    —Glen LeRoy
  • School’s Out. Now What?
    Tips on developing a plan for professional development
    —Scott Simpson
  • Charting a Path for a Career in Architecture
    An interview with Yale Graduate Student, Michael Miller
  • On Becoming the New CEO in an Established and Esteemed Company
    Insights into the process of successful leadership transition
    —Lisa Henry
  • Research as Core Curriculum in Architecture and Planning
    Integration of teaching and research as a foundation for creative practice
    —Robert G. Shibley
  • Lyceum Fellowship: A 30-year Journey
    Advancing the profession of architecture by engaging students in design and travel
    —Mark A. Hutker
  • Impacts of Doctoral Education on the Profession
    On the proliferation of non-history doctoral programs in architecture
    —Douglas Noble
  • Tenets of the 21st Century Designer
    Critical skills designers of all types will need in the future
    —Wayne Li




Directory of Leading U.S. Architecture and Design Programs

Where they are and the programs they offer


DesignIntelligence 30 Most Admired Educators for 2015

Honoring excellence in education and education administration


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