Archiprix 2015 Madrid

How Archiprix International works

We invite all schools worldwide in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture to select their best graduation project. Archiprix International organizes the presentation of these projects on our website, a book, films and exhibitions. We ask an independent international jury to review these projects and to select the very best projects for a Hunter Douglas Award. Last but not least we want to stimulate the international exchange between young talented designers. Therefor Archiprix organizes workshops for all designers of the selected projects. So they learn to know each other by working together.
These activities are relevant. It make sense to show the world’s best graduation projects to a broad public. They form a rich collection of bright ideas and they show the state of art of the profession and the education worldwide. It is a source of inspiration for designers and students. Each school has the opportunity to build up a profile over the years by presenting their best graduation project.
For the best graduates it is important to be selected for the Archiprix International. By participating their excellent work is accessible for a broad public and they have the opportunity to meet their colleagues from all over the world. Therefor we ask every schools to give their best graduate this opportunity.

We are looking forward to present the world’s best graduation projects in our next edition, the Archiprix International Madrid 2015