Arckit, The Ultimate Architectural Model Building Design Tool

Arckit is the remarkable Award Winning easy-to-use architectural model building design kit that allows architects and everyone interested in buildings to physically bring their projects to life.

Arckit, The Ultimate Architectural Model Building Design ToolBased on a unique set of ‘click together’ modular parts that are reusable, modifiable and transformative, Arckit enables total building design flexibility together with advanced modeling capability.

Arckit products, components and method of assembly are patented, design registered and owned by MBM Building Systems Ltd. The ‘Arckit – Imagine It Build It’ brand and logo are internationally trademarked. [hr]

Arckit breaks utterly new ground by simplifying the whole art of architectural model making and together with its reusability saves you time, energy and money. Its zero glue patented multiple assembly system removes the hard work associated with architectural model making while consciously retaining all of the fun.

With Arckit you can quickly assemble a room, a building section, a work in progress or a finished building design. From single to multi storey structures, simple to complex, traditional to contemporary, with Arckit just Imagine It and Build It.

What’s more, you can add texture to all surfaces of your building with our special Printable Arckit Vinyl Adhesive Sheets provided. On your office or home printer, you can print off real surface images from our ‘Materials Library’ or use your own personal images to stick onto your model, creating realistic looking structures only in miniature.

  • Physically develop you ideas
  • Visualize your designs
  • Bring your 3D drawings to life
  • Use as a discussion tool
  • Help others better understand your designs
  • Have fun building something familiar or new.

Arckit is a highly educational, architect designed and developed product originating from real modular construction methods, the principal form of building practiced today.

Now more than ever, creative skills in both computer aided design as well as manual crafts are becoming a fundamental part of the education curriculum. Arckit uniquely transcends both the virtual and real world by being able to physically replicate architectural designs that today we are building on screen.

Its ability to continuously transform helps to develop and hone our creative skills through its myriad of design and build possibilities. Such possibilities also promote an astute awareness and understanding of space, form, structure, light, colour and texture. [hr]

Arckit is made from 100% recyclable plastic and together with its continual reusability and zero glue assembly, make it a very environmentally friendly product.

Until now, creating miniature models of rooms and buildings generally comprised of cutting and gluing materials together that could only ever be used once. This is costly, wasteful, complex and time consuming. Arckit has changed all of this. Its revolutionary system allows the user to be able to continuously and indefinitely change the physical form and visual appearance of any model building they create. Arckit is also an evolutionary add on product which means that you can continually add to your collection with additional kits and future bespoke parts of the same scale.

Here is the official website: ARCKIT