Computer VS Hand Drawings in the Architecture World


Every project has to be visualized and organized on a best way the architect thinks to be more understandable for the buyers. This process in the past was more made by hand and more computerized in present time. But, everything has its good and bad sides, advantages and disadvantages.

Hand drawing in architecture is much more tactile. There aren’t necessary size limitations like screen size, because the paper can handle all project at once. There aren’t possibilities like loosing data and mistakenly deleted projects. Maybe this is slower process but every architect’s decision drawn is more permanent than those on a computer that are changing every day.


Computers are simplifying the drawing process and are the future of architecture as in every other branch too. Most of the clients are asking for more realistic and 3D projects that computer software for architecture offers. Computer projects are made with more information’s (maybe not that necessary) that in certain point may be needed. Those projects are faster and easier to be changed and those changes to be seen as in real are they better or not.


But, what is obvious is that the older architects are using the hand drawing and the younger ones are more often on computer. This doesn’t mean that ones are better than the others because of the experience vs computer skills. Both can be so good that the world of architecture can be reach of beautiful masterpieces. Maybe future brings more computer usage but the hand drawings are still the art in architecture.