Create your FlyingArchitecture and win awesome prizes!

Hello FlyingArchitecture fans :)

After a very long break in contests, we are back with the new one. I was working hard to make this one happen, and I am sure you will be as excited about it as I am :) This time we’re going to free our minds, liberate our fantasies, unchain our souls! Fly. Fly away. Live in a flying building. Fly in a living structure. Sink into the creativity and get awarded. Sounds prefect, right?

Create your FlyingArchitecture and win awesome prizes! 2013, competition



The main aim of the contest is to let people create something unique, futuristic and inspiring at the same time without any limitations and blow a fresh air into their portfolios. Participants will create objects liberated from any gravity and other physical laws to showcase how do they imagine the future of Architecture industry.


Start of the contest April 15, 2013
Final image submission June 30, 2013
Results & winners announcement July 15, 2013


The aim of this contest is to showcase what are we – CGI artists & Architects – capable of. Construction rules? Urban rules? Law? Screw it! You are an artist, act like one.

There is only one strict condition that must be kept – As this is Work in progress challenge, every participant must create his own thread in our Forum and post there his/her WIP images, while other participants will make comments and suggestions for possible improvements. Also, WIP images may help judges to add valuable points when deciding about the winning image 😉

Your image can be an interior, exterior or a mix of both.

You are encouraged to post on the Challenge forum as many WIP images as you can. The minimum requirement is to submit an image for each of these parts – Concept Sketch (Reference images), Environment Model, Accessories modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering, Post production and Final Images. While all WIP images must be published during the whole process in our Forum, final images must be submitted in 2 ways: Either published in the same WIP thread as other images from the author, they must be submitted via email ( with the “CONTEST” as a subject of the email.) as well.
Email must contain:
– Final image in JPG in full quality and resolution
– Subject “CONTEST”
– Information about software you used
– Testimonial for the contest (may be published)

Final submitted images MUST be at least 1920 x 1200 pix, while recommended size is 2500 x 1500 pix, 72 DPI.

Every participant may join the contest with one or more designs / images. It is highly recommended to finish two or more images to the final submission.


This contest is not restricted to any specific 3D or 2D software, nor plugins. Feel free to use any software of Your choice to get the final image as awesome as possible 😉 Software is just a tool, right?


Rusko Ruskov – Chaos Group representative, CGI artist
Tomáš Müller – Creative Director at Good Evening, CGI artist
Franco Folini – Novedge representative
Veronika Nedecká – 3D visualiser at FlyingArchitecture
Matúš Nedecký – founder of FlyingArchitecture

How to start

Register in our Forums, start a new Topic in this section and post your first note for the contest, so we know about you. Don’t forget to include your name in the topic name! :)