DETAIL is the international professional journal for architecture and construction details

DETAIL is the international professional journal for architecture and construction details produced by Detail publishers. Each issue deals with a specific aspect of building, such as concrete construction, roof structures or refurbishment, whereby emphasis is placed on the quality of the building details. Up-to-date examples are selected from schemes around the world, and these are illustrated with plans and details drawn to a consistent scale as well as with photographs. The journal focuses on the depiction of new developments in the form of descriptive texts, constructional drawings and photos. The target group comprises above all architectsengineers and other specialists from the field of construction.

DETAIL is the international professional journal for architecture and construction details


DETAIL first appeared in 1961. In 2008, in its 48th year, ten issues of the journal are published per annum. From 2009, the number increased to 12 a year.

Brief description

DETAIL is an international professional journal for architects, construction engineers, building authorities and developers. Its title highlights a central feature of the content, which consists of the documentation and description of building developments of all kinds. Emphasis is placed on the depiction of constructional and architectural relationships. DETAIL comprises five main sections under the headings Discussion, Reports, Documentation, Technology and Products. It thus represents an important source of information for architects and planning offices. Two special DETAIL Concept issues highlight not only the ideas underlying the design of outstanding buildings, but the entire planning and construction process.


The journal contains commentaries and topical articles, professional discussions and special reports, as well as documentations of specific buildings, in which spatial and urban relationships are described in the form of photos, drawings and explanatory texts, details of the technology involved, and product information relating to the construction, fitting out and furnishing of the buildings. In many cases, the product information is complemented by illustrations as well. There are also reports on various events, on building and planning law and building physics. Each issue of the journal concentrates on a specific aspect of construction, illustrating this with up-to-date examples from around the world. The selected projects show the range of the topic under discussion. Together with the Documentation section, the projects form the central part of each issue. The opening Discussion section, which contains interviews, critical statements and historical analyses, serves as an introduction to the main theme of each issue. The subsequent technical considerations with specialist contributions serve to intensify the treatment of the subject. The journal ends with a product information section.


DETAIL is published ten times a year (from 2009 there will be 12 issues per annum) and is distributed to 80 different countries around the world in a bilingual (German-English) edition. In addition to this international edition, the journal appears six times a year in a purely English version. Copies sent abroad contain an inserted brochure with translations of the most important articles into French, Russian and Italian. Since 2002, an exclusively Spanish edition of the journal has been published in Spain with a full translation of the contents. Dates of publication: each issue appears in the first week of a month. Advertising planning deadline: six weeks prior to date of publication Deadline for receipt of material: five weeks prior to date of publication

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