Discovering the Ancient and Modern Secrets of Persian-Islamic Architecture | A Tour for Students

 Iran is a wonderland of various climates and cultures.

The fall of the Sassanian dynasty by the invading Muslim Arabs led to the adaptation of the remarkable Persian architectures for Islamic religious buildings in Iran. Arts such as calligraphy, stucco work, mirror work and mosaics became closely tied with the architecture of Mosques in Persia (Iran) specially with the round domed rooftops which roots its origin back to the Parthian (Ashkanid) dynasty of Greater Iran.
Archaeological excavations have provided much evidence supporting the impact of Sassanid architecture on the architecture of the Islamic world.
Many experts believe the period of Persian architecture from the 15th through 17th centuries CE to be the pinnacle of the post-Islamic era. Various structures such as mosques, mausoleums, bazaars, bridges and palaces have survived from this period.
Safavid Isfahan tried to achieve grandeur in scale (Isfahan’s Naghsh-i Jahan Square is the sixth largest square worldwide), knowing how to build tall buildings with vast inner spaces. However, the quality of ornaments was less compared to those of the 14th and 15th centuries.
Another aspect of this architecture was the harmony with the people, their environment and their beliefs it presented and manifested. At the same time no strict rules were applied to govern this form of Islamic architecture.
n the words of Arthur U. Pope, who carried out extensive studies in ancient Persian and Islamic buildings:
“The meaningful Impact of Persian architecture is versatile. Not overwhelming but dignified, magnificent and impressive.”

Places to visit

Golestan Palace (Registered as World Heritage Site)/ Tehran Old Bazaar


Parsian Historical House/Fin Historical Garden


Chahar Bagh St. (4 Gardens Street)/Chehel Sotun Garden/Naghsh’e Jahan Historical Square (Registered as World Heritage by UNESCO)/Historical Bridges/ Jame Mosque/Imam Ali Square

Tour Itinerary

You can find Tour itinerary, here.

Note: Activities may be changed for weather condition.


Accommodation will be in 4 star or 3 star hotels in TEHRAN (Two Nights), KASHAN (One Night), ESFAHAN (Two Nights)


we will travel with fully-equipped touristic bus.


Single room, each person 710 Euro

Double room, each person 680 Euro

Important issues

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Note: Travelling costs from your country to Tehran and back and also the entrance fee to the country, will be on yourself.


Travelling conditions

  •      Participants should be present in Tehran at least 12 hours prior to the time workshop begins.
  •        Due to the multiple trips and limitation for luggage, please carry your stuff in 40*50*70 suitcases.
  •       According to Iranian law, ladies should wear head scarf and gown (According to Iran Dress Codes).
  •       Under Iranian law, drinking alcoholic beverages is forbidden.
  •       Taking the visa is our responsibility according to your personal information.
  •       You would be informed about the climate condition of every destination city 10 days prior to the trip.
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