Domus Academy Summer Courses 2013

Domus Academy Summer Courses are short intensive courses specific on those themes of design fields (Fashion, Architecture, Interior, Service,…) that are extremely topical and challenging for university students and young professionals keen on enhancing knowledge and skills with the objective to open new perspectives for the business implementation.

Domus Academy Summer Courses 2013 Fashion Architecture Interior Service

The workshops structure, made of lectures and case histories held by professionals and company’s testimonials, completed by practical trainings, enables students to invest their time into an intensive experience, a “open mind” deepening into those design issues that are essential for the different fields.

From designing solutions for hotels to the creation of fashion capsule collections, these courses aspire to boost the creativity of young professionals and to build on the skills of recent graduates, challenging participants to measuring themselves on topical issues, inspiring innovative solutions, pioneering perspectives, always mixing the “learning” (lectures, case histories visits) with the “designing” (workshops) paths.

Domus Academy Summer Courses 2013 are tailored mainly for recent graduates and young professionals keen on building a sensitive professional soul on solid, strategic design basis. These courses offer a unique opportunity to combine the knowledge of the Project Culture, which has made so great the Made in Italy design way, with the possibility to put into practice the tools, methodologies and strategies of this approach to design.


Domus Academy collaboration with Central Saint Martins is continuing for the 8th consecutive year. The focus of the 2013 Edition of the London Milan. The Dual City Summer Session will be Fashion.