Easy Architectural Visualization in 15 Minutes

Lumion works with Sketchup, Revit, Allplann, ArchiCAD and many other programs.

Lumion is amazing. Just watch how quickly this real time software can render architectural videos. This will completely change the way you think about architectural visualization. All it takes is the right software and your life will be a lot easier!

Just export your model and minutes later you have nice images and movies ready to show.

For details check out lumion3d.com

How to make your Sketchup a 3d film/movie/video easy and fast.
Importing a 3D model into Lumion 3D is fast, easy, start make a 3D architectural scene without any training or experience. Lumion is made to make life easier for architects that want to present their 3D model in the environment it deserves. Architects should spend time drawing sketches and plans, Lumion software takes care of the visualization. Simply import your sketch, add water, environment, plants swaying in the wind, living birds, and make a movie of your project so your architectural drawing gets more value to you and your potential customers.