Electrolux Design Lab 2013, a contest for all creative design students around the world

A contest for all creative design students around the world. Show your innovation skills and win 5.000 euros and a six months paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre.

  • Submit an idea and a sketch and develop your work
  • Share your work in social media and write a development blog
  • Receive feedback from professionals
  • Present your stunning work at the finals and win Design Lab 2013
Electrolux Design Lab 2013, a contest for all creative design students around the world

Each year, Electrolux Design Lab inspires design students all over the world, by painting a picture of the future as a starting point for their creative process.

Calling for inventions that are unseen and unheard of, this year we offer you the overarching theme of Inspired Urban Living, featuring three focus areas to choose from: Social Cooking, Natural Air and Effortless Cleaning. Dig deep into the brief and then tell us and the entire world: what inspiration do you draw from the future of urban living?

Inspired Urban Living

The direction for this year’s Electrolux Design Lab competition stems from a growing driver in urbanisation, as an increasing number of the population shift from living in open rural locations into densely populated areas. The city of tomorrow is short on space, busy and compact. Living areas are smaller; there is less storage but the home still needs to be the epicentre of entertaining and culinary enjoyment. As such we need to have the necessary tools available to adapt our daily lives, so we can comfortably live and fit within this new model. Therefore, this year we would like you to explore one of the following three areas and design an innovative product, accessory, consumable or service that would be seen as a breakthrough within the sector of Social Cooking, Natural Air or Effortless Cleaning.

Option 1 – Social Cooking

Entertaining within the home is a popular way to spend time with our friends and family. The rise in cooking as a pastime offers self-expression for many living in urban spaces, and projects towards a true culinary experience. We look to create deeper, shared and more social culinary experiences, whilst bringing enjoyment to friends and family members and eating healthier, high quality food. With tightening schedules and challenging lifestyles, how can design overcome problems with shortage of entertaining space and preparation time, whilst allowing us to live a healthier lifestyle?

Option 2 – Natural Air

Indoor air quality can change the ambience of a room and is an invisible way of influencing our daily wellbeing. The climate we live in is changing yearly; pollution is a growing problem and our indoor space should be a sanctuary from the suburban outdoors. Healthier air quality is a core factor and can affect personal health and appearance. The potential to bring ‘fresh country air’ to the city could change the atmosphere within the home. What design solution could be created to ensure we have the best quality air within the home, whilst also supporting aesthetic values?

Option 3 – Effortless Cleaning

As time is precious in our chaotic schedules, time saving concepts are needed more than ever – removal of laborious daily cleaning tasks should be at the forefront of thinking and creation. Not only this, as our urban homes become more compact and integrated, there is no room for daily necessities of a clean living environment. Vacuum cleaners and bins require space to camouflage, alongside a need for concepts that can clean different and constantly changing surfaces, materials and garments. What new adaptable offerings can be designed for compact, streamlined and easy cleaning solutions within urban cities of the future?

Selection Criteria

The Electrolux Design Lab professionals will focus on the following key criteria when evaluating your design:

  • Does the design truly answer the brief?
  • Does it encompass intuitive design?
  • Is it innovative?
  • Has it been based on consumer insight?
  • Is the concept aesthetically pleasing?

Additionally, and in keeping with the heritage of Electrolux, your concept should reflect Scandinavian design values by being sensitive to the environment, meaningful and relevant, whilst providing intuitive ease of use.

Find out more about the submission criteria, read about the rules and register and submit your work.

Submission deadline for a concept idea and visual sketch: Friday 15th March 2013 (23:59.59 Central European Time).


1st prize: €5,000 + 6 months paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre.

2nd prize: €3,000

3rd prize: €2,000

People’s Choice: €1,000

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