ETOS – Remarkable Drawing Board that Change All Image of Architects Job

ETOS is an extraordinary tool for designers and architects that change the idea of their everyday work. This is digital drawing board, 3D tool that helps and shorts the working time on a project and makes the project design visible and realistic.

ETOS represents a new approach to professional content creation, in particular digital 3D content.
It is a professional tool for designers and architects that blends the familiarity of the pen, the intuition of touch gestures, the ability of a professional workstation and the easiness of a tablet pc.
It combines a digital drawing board with a novel tool of interaction. The pen like tool features primary editing functions represented by the four sides along its horizontal and vertical axis. To access a certain editing function the user simply turns the interaction tool. Secondary functions are accessed by touching the touch sensitive frame oft the drawing boarad.
Fast access of functions is granted by using either one two or three or four fingers.
The drawing board features a foldable cover that also serves as a stand to adjust various pitch angles oft the working area.
The integrated screen delivers stereoscopical 3D Images without 3D glasses. It uses the lenticular lens technology in combination with motion tracking technology. This enables the user to interact with virtual 3D objects using gestures.
ETOS emphasizes a intuitive and direct editing of digital content without sacrificing precision.