F.L.W School of Architecture, is pleased to offer a six-week Summer Immersion Program

Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, is pleased to offer a six-week Summer Immersion Program at its legendary Wisconsin campus. Geared to college-level students and adults interested in deepening their understanding of the architectural discipline, this program provides participants with an opportunity to learn about architecture side-by-side with faculty and students at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

F.L.W School of Architecture, is pleased to offer a six-week Summer Immersion Program

At the heart of the Taliesin Summer Immersion program is the Design Studio, wherein participants design an architectural project responding to a particular design challenge. During the course of the studio, the various phases of the architectural design process are navigated, architectural drawing and 3-dimensional modeling techniques are explored, and the final projects are presented and reviewed by faculty and students. The Design Studio is housed in the iconic Hillside Drafting Room, where many of Wright’s drawings were produced.

The Design Studio is supplemented by opportunities shared with the larger academic community, including lectures and workshops on topics such as graphic design, architectural history, building preservation, and non-architectural content such as drama and music.

The vibrant campus environment provides opportunities to experience the life and history of the Taliesin residential community. The dramatic Hillside Dining Room is the center of gathering for meals, which are prepared by a chef and assisted by students on a rotating basis.

Participants must be willing to participate in Taliesin life and actively interact with community. Based on individual interest and the needs of the community, activities include helping in the organic vegetable garden, designing events, and working on building restoration projects.

Housing consists of modest rooms with shared bathrooms within the historic Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structures. The buildings are surrounded by the natural open space of green hills, prairies, ponds, forest, and farmland that vary throughout the 600-acre campus. Participants are encouraged to make full use of the properties to observe the biodiversity, poetry of place, and to reflect on Frank Lloyd Wright’s own connection to his home landscape.


The dates for the summer 2013 program are

Summer Session I – 5/22/13 – 7/3/13 | Application Deadline for SSI – 4/17

Summer Session II – 7/8/13 – 8/16/13 | Application Deadline for SSII – 5/15


A certificate of attendance is provided with satisfactory completion of the program.

The cost for the program is $4,000, which includes tuition, room, and board.

To apply, send a completed application and a brief (1-3 page) biography/statement of purpose on the topic of your background and why you think you would be suited to the Summer Immersion Program to:

Via email: Nick DePorter, Director of Admissions

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