Happy World Architecture Day

World architecture day 2015 is observed on 5th October, theme is “Architecture, Building, Climate”, 2014 theme is “Healthy Cities, Happy Cities”, 2013 theme is “CULTURE- ARCHITECTURE” and 2012 theme is “Architects are city changers”

When the e Day is Celebrated?

World Architecture Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October every year in United States.

Theme of World Architecture Day Celebration

  • The theme of the World Architecture Day 2007 was “Cities, magnets of hope”.
  • The theme of World Architecture Day was so decided because of the fact that all the human races are on looking the greatest migration of people from towns into cities in our history.
  • The theme of World Architecture Day focused on the element of the city as a focal point of society.
  • Its goal is to promote the aspects of architectural quality in the development of a better quality of life for the inhabitants of the city.
  • Furthermore, the theme of World Architecture Day tried to focus on the role of the media in creating the interest of public, in quality architecture and our built environment.
  • The organized events proved to be a huge success.
  • It attracted a large number of participants like professionals and students of architecture.
  • It also gathered the general public to an unexpected number.
  • The statistics in 1950’s show, one-third of the people of the world use to live in cities.
  • After 50 years, one third escalated to one-half.
  • It has been estimated it will become two-thirds, or 6 billion people, by 2050. So one can understand, cities can only be home to half of humankind. Here comes the need for architecture.


The aim of Architecture Day is to promote good architecture. It is organized to increase the awareness of the work of Maltese architects and architectural firms among the general public. It also aids in serving as a meeting point for the current and future members of the organizations and firms dealing in architecture.

Celebration Mode

World Architecture Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October every year. World Architecture Day celebration was started by the Union International des Architects (UIA). Malta is a member country of UIA. On the same day, the America also celebrates World Habitat Day to focus on the state of human settlements. It emphasizes the basic right to adequate shelter for all. The goal of World Architecture Day is to remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat.

Celebration facts and figures

World Architecture Day is meant for all the architects of the globe and it also emphasizes on their public and partners. The UIA has decided to dedicate the event of this particular year to the theme that is concerning to all of us such as, fluctuation of climate and CO2 emissions. It has been estimated and confirmed that fifty percent of gas emissions of all greenhouse are generated by the transportation and construction sectors.So this sector alone is responsible for fifty percent of energy consumption annually. Every one who is a part of the construction industry is holding responsibility for this situation. The members of the construction sector also have the capability to create a wonder in extenuating the after effects for the change of climate. Architects are holding the prime responsibility.Architects should be aware of the performance of energy for every material that is involved in the construction work. They must know the carbon imprints left or created by these materials during the time of transportation, construction, fabrication, and maintenance.

It is the main responsibility of the fellow members of the architecture world to take care of the natural resources of the planet, in order to remove waste, recycle. They should use resources which are found locally with the innovation and simplicity that characterize their responsibilities.All nitty-gritty, technologies and techniques and creative ideas are responsible to accomplish the objectiveof the day.The International Union of Architects embodies more than 1 million, 300 thousand architects from all over the world. So their mobilization or enlistment has great prudence in this combat. Different members of the UIA sections are readily dedicated to hit this bull’s eye.The requirement is to make some propaganda for their activities, to take up PR methods, set different objectives, and find out the desirable results so that future and present members of the field get lessons from those actions and share experiences among each other. This is the role and duty of UIA. So the resultant devotion of this worldwide expertise community can provide resonating answers towards this action which was being released by the celebration of World Day of Architecture in the year 2007.