How to create an Architecture Portfolio | Photoshop Architectural Tutorials

How to make an Architecture Portfolio | Photoshop Architectural Tutorials

Portfolios are commonly used in the artistic trades (photography, painting, design) to exhibit the best examples of a person’s work. A portfolio is strategically arranged to emphasize certain strengths and unique talents, especially those that will impress potential employers or attract commissions. Architectural portfolios typically consist of sketches, diagrams and photographs of an architect’s past and current projects. Most are still compiled by hand and organized in large portfolio folders, but digital exhibition is becoming increasingly popular.

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      Organize your past architectural work. Empty out your filing drawers and storage bins so that you can review all of your material. Create piles for rough drawings and diagrams, official blueprints for projects that have been constructed, photographic prints of your work and any publicity (magazine features, newspaper editorials) you have received as an architect.

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      Sift through each pile with a critical eye. Set aside items that you feel best illustrate your skill and style as an architect. A portfolio should not track your work’s progression, but rather emphasize your most impressive or functional projects.

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      Keep your portfolio mostly visual: large photographic prints of your projects, cleanly-drawn diagrams and distinct blueprints are the best tools of communication in an architectural portfolio. Refrain from including large bodies of text, such as correspondence between commissioners or analytical essays. If you have any editorials or reviews to display, clip them to a photo of the relevant project.

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      Arrange the examples you have chosen in a logical fashion. Chronological ordering is popular, but feel free to compile according to location, architectural style or building function. This will add flow and order to your portfolio.

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      Insert your work neatly into a large portfolio file. Depending on the size of your materials, you may need a heavy-duty file with an attached shoulder strap.

How to create an Architecture Portfolio  Photoshop Architectural Tutorials

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