How to Develop an architectural design concept

We receive a lot of questions about how to generate and develop an architectural design concept, and how to generally create and justify a design response, and so here we will look at where the design process starts …with the concept

Every architecture project should start with a concept that put simply; is an idea that provides the foundation and backbone to your design process and decision making.

For this reason, it hopefully goes without saying that this aspect of a projects inception is vitally important to the scale of its success. As it is due to this importance, that a concepts substance and meaning is often the first aspect of a building to be scrutinised, and can therefore be held responsible for whether a scheme is won or lost based on its strength and ability to be relevant.

There are many ways to develop quick off-the-cuff concepts, but generating one with meaning and depth that will help to support the development of your project can be difficult, and whilst there is a process we believe can be followed (outlined below), it does take invested time, research and development.

In this post we will look at how to develop an architecture concept and the routes that can be taken to create one, covering:

What is a general concept

What is an architectural concept

What is the purpose of a concept

Types of architectural concepts

Where to start

How do you create an architecture concept

Developing your conceptboard