Hybrid Program: Anthropoligist | Model

The objective of this project is to design a Hybrid Building for three
interrelated programs: dwelling, research space and exhibition. The
three programs will be housed within a single building, on a site lo-
cated within the hills of the Presidio in San Francisco. The client is an
anthropologist. His or her expertise consists of observing human beh-
avior, relations and religion. This inspired the concept of the design, in
which the physical act of observing is explored as a way to relate to
programmatic elements. Using a vocabulary of interconnected vol-
umes, operations of pushing and pulling are used to create a specific
experiences for the client and visitors. For example, the research space
was depressed below the floor, into an exhibition space, creating a
visual connection between the visitors and the anthropologist. Circu-
lation, structure, and landscape are integrated into the design.


Hybrid Program: Anthropoligist Building dwelling research space and exhibition model