Hyp Cup 2013, International Student Competition in Architectural Design

Hyp Cup 2013, International Student Competition in Architectural Design




Topic?Architecture in Transformation
Sub -Topic: The Disappearance of Architectures



Architecture must disappear.

Behind the radicalism of this statement lies something crucial for the future of architecture. Architecture as a discipline should no longer think in terms of objects. Walls, facades, structures, are only modalities of architecture, but never its finality. Design comes after. After what? After situations. Architects deal with situations.

Architecture should be conceived as an integral part of the landscape. Glass, concrete or metal would in this case no longer be the elements that build architecture, but the territory, as it exists, as we relate to it.

One of the commitments of an architect is to overwhelm the observable escalation in the production of contemporary architecture by introducing new situations, dialectic situations and experiences, between inside and outside, free and available spaces in-between what is public and what is private.

Sometimes, we make architecture disappear. We make it melt within the territory, blurring the lines between architecture and landscape, between physicality and immateriality, between presence and absence.



1.Participants can draw up the project proposal themselves and there is no limitation on architectural types. Designers of the project should take into account the features of contemporary urban architecture and pay attention to specific space needs of different user groups.

2.Participants can choose sites themselves. The site should be challenging and with distinct urban characteristics.

3.Total floor area is around 4,000?. It may be increased or decreased up to around 10% according to the designer.

4.Language and Measurement Unit: English is the official language of the competition. (Note: The title, school name, name of participants, and introduction of major design must be described in English at least); the unit of measurement is metric scale.

Hyp Cup 2013, International Student Competition in Architectural Design

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