IAAC Global Summer School 2015 – Urban Protocols: 6th of July – 20th of July | The John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design

Architecture of Catalonia’s (IAAC) Global Summer School (GSS) is a platform defined by ambitious, multi-scalar investigation into the implications of emergent techniques on our planned environments.  Each year, GSS connects international teams located in key cities around the globe that explore a common agenda proposing solutions that are deeply embedded in diverse local conditions.

This intensive two week course connects each participant to ongoing research agendas in robotics, simulation, physical computing, parametric design, digital fabrication, and other relevant emerging design methodologies.  Specific emphasis is placed on understanding the multiscalar implications of design conclusions, thus creating critical research advanced on the application of new technologies in design. This year, the IAAC is offering a full scholarship for the Master in Advanced Architecture 2015/16 to one of the Global Summer School 2015 Barcelona Participants.

The 2015 ‘Urban Protocols’ global agenda seeks specific strategies for constructing our future cities. The agenda questions the urban planning methodologies of the 20th century and proposes a series of new priorities to consider when growing the next phase of our urban and suburban territories. How can we consider the recolonization of urban spaces, which are now the result of antiquated priorities, and at the same time negotiate the current forces driving the growth or decay of cities?

Key Dates:

  • 2015.05.01 – Applications Close
  • 2015.06.10 – Payment Deadline
  • 2015.07.06 – Program Begins
  • 2015.07.20 – Program Ends

For more information, please contact applications@iaac.net or visit the website by clicking here.

To register for the IAAC Global Summer School, visit http://apply.iaac.net/applications/view.php?id=24040