International Student Design Competition tur(i)ntogreen – Farms In A Town

International Student Design Competition tur(i)ntogreen – Farms IA Town

The Research and Documentation Centre in Technology, Architecture and City in Developing Countries (CRD-PVS) at thePolitecnico di Torino (Italy), acknowledges and celebrates the contribution of University students around the world. Participants are invited to apply their creative talents in developing multidisciplinary solutions and submitting entries to the International Student Design Competition tur(i)ntogreen – Farms IA Town.

International Student Design Competition tur i ntogreen Farms In A Town

CRD-PVS is engaged in University and Post-University teaching and co-ordinates the Specialization Course in Habitat, Technology and Development for architects and engineers interested in co-operation with developing and newly emergent countries. The Centre promotes research activities aimed at improving habitats in extreme climatic or social conditions, and scientific events (exhibitions, conferences, workshops, seminars). CRD-PVS also participates in international co-operation and technical collaboration projects jointly with Institutions, Universities, National and International Organisation, and NGOs.

 Politecnico di Torino c/o Istituto Galileo Ferraris, Corso Massimo d’Azeglio 42, 10125, Torino, Italy
competition Chair: Francesca De Filippi; competition co-Chair: Riccardo Balbo

The massive transformation of the global economy, the redistribution of wealth and rights, new locations and methods of production of goods and services are transforming the boundaries of the contemporary city; the fragile balance between rural areas and urban settlements is quickly evolving. Younger generations from the rural areas in the whole world continue to move into the cities, claiming the right to share the benefits supplied by joint services, wealth and employment, peculiarities of the city even if they imply unacceptable life conditions. This has already led to an increase in urban population that generates the demand for new architectural solutions ensuring dignity and integrated living conditions. Turin knows these phenomena very well from its history. In more than one occasion in recent Italian history the city has been the home for many people and families coming from other parts of the Country.

In order to assure a bright future to Turin, we need to consider transforming or to replacing the current models of urban management, life and development. The ways we manage the urban areas, the planning of other transformations and regeneration, involving citizens, raising funds and resources, coping with the global economic cycles, adapting to the climate and social changes will need to be considered as the main inspiring principles: resilience, sustainability and integration. One of the possible models refers to of the concepts of agro – housing and urban – farming, which are becoming more and more widespread: the use of open spaces – also unconventional – for diverse agricultural and cropping technologies and methods along with innovative production and management processes within a highly populated urban realm.


Individuals or teams of students are encouraged to enter the competition by completing and uploading an electronic entry on the competition website. The entries are due on or before December 21st (11.59 pm CET).

Launch September 5th, 2012
Registration open September 10th, 2012
Registration close November 21st, 2012
Submissions open November 22nd, 2012
Submissions close December 21st, 2012
Winners announcement January 21st, 2013


Competition Advisory Board

Riccardo Balbo
Grazia Cocina
Francesca De Filippi
Alex Fubini
Fernando Menéndez Cobelo
Simone Peditto
Giovanni Quattrocolo
Piergiorgio Tosoni

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