International Summer School, Sustainable Design & Building Workshop, 22 July-11 Aug, 2013

The International Summer School provides a unique learning experience for young  professionals students of architecture, engineering, design and related areas. Participants will actively engage themselves in the design and construction of a low-cost house using locally available material. Beside the hands-on workshop participants will get exposure to an integrated approach towards human habitats by site visits to various projects and interaction with experts on sustainable practices such as: Earthen Architecture, Solar Passive Design, Vernacular Architecture, Integrated Planning, Ecological Sanitation, Decentralized Waste Water Treatment, Decentralized Energy Systems, Ecological Landscaping, Urban Agriculture.

International Summer School, Sustainable Design & Building Workshop, 22 July-11 Aug, 2013


  • Visiting an international community in the making
  • Interacting with experts in the field
  • First-hand exposure to low-cost sustainable building design
  • Gaining knowledge about appropriate technologies
  • Having an open space for experimentation and multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Receiving participation certificates


  • To provide an exciting hands-on learning experience for national & international students
  • To provide a platform for interaction with experts in the field
  • To spread the AV spirit of experimentation across to participants
  • To create a win-win situation for all facilitators and stakeholders (financially and socially)


The event is planned for a limited capacity of about 25 people. Expected participants are students of architecture, engineering, design, communication or young professionals from all over the world. No prior knowledge of sustainable building design is required. Come with an open mind and lots of enthusiasm!


Week 1:  Orientation, collaborative design of house, modelling & consensus building

Week 2: Construction of foundation and ground floor

Week 3: Construction of walls, loft and roof+ review and presentations within group


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