The context of the project is set in the transitional period between contemporary work culture and the anticipated time of full automation. Human work force becomes obsolete and people look for meaning and change in their lives through virtual reality.
Interreality is an e-experience whose main objective is to place its users within an interactive feedback loop that merges the virtual and the physical worlds.
One’s behaviour in the virtual world is informed by the behaviour in the physical world and in return the experience in the virtual world affects the behaviour in the physical world.
Filmed and directed by Dionysis Toumazis.
Music by Kevin Pollard and NCM Epic Music Ender Guney.
Cast: Juwhan Han, Henrik Pihlveus, Thomas Bush, Helen Siu, Miten Mistry, Juan Escudero Pablos, Ezer Han, Ivan Hung, Clara Lee, Songyang Zhou, Dionysis Toumazis
Narrated by: Jacque Fresco, Isaac Asimov, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Alan Wattsboardboardboard