Introducing Blank Space: Fairy Tales The World’s First Architecture Storytelling Competition

Have you ever dreamed of an architecture competition that would inspire you to create something whimsical, magic and fun? A competition that would excite your fantasy to produce something that can be appreciated not just by your fellow architects and designers, but by all audiences?

We did. Here is what we came up with:
Introducing Blank Space: Fairy Tales The World's First Architecture Storytelling Competition

Introducing Blank Space: Fairy Tales
The World’s First Architecture Storytelling Competition

Once upon a time, Architecture was at the forefront of social innovation, addressing issues that the entire society felt were worth finding creative solutions for. A curse was then cast on Architecture: the Evil Witch of Banality tricked the architects into believing that their ideas were worthless, that society didn’t care about them, and that the only way to advance their projects was to produce vacuous glitzy renderings. Only those would lure developers into financing projects, and publications into publishing them. You are the hero that is being given the chance to battle the Evil Witch of Banality. Your magic power is Creativity. Your ace in the hole is Good Communication. Will you accept the call to this epic battle?

Blank Space will soon be launching the world’s first narrative-based architecture competition. Fairy Tales is an open, international, ideas competition that challenges creatives from all professional realms to develop visionary, narrative-based design proposals. The competition is an extension of Blank Space’s mission to uncover the true power of architecture by creating new opportunities for design to engage the public.

We’d like you to invent a story for your design. We’d like you to rewrite the way architecture communicates itself to the world, and to do so in the most unconventional way.

The proposals will combine text-based architectural fairy tales with innovative graphic representations, and in doing so, unlock the power of architecture by improving the way that it is shared, digested, and communicated.


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