Learn how to create architectural panoramas with iVisit 3D

iVisit 3D is an innovative and easy way to present panoramas of your projects online or on an iPad/iPhone. iVisit 3D uses only still images and not a real 3D model or animation, making the calculations and navigation very fast. Developed especially for architects and designers, iVisit 3D allows users to view and share a project by navigating between viewpoints on the floor plan, in a palette of thumbnail preview images, or directly within the 3D views.

Creating iVisit 3D PanoramasLearn how to create architectural panoramas with iVisit 3D

Creating an iVisit 3D panorama presentation is easily done using Artlantis Studio 4. Just create as many panoramic views of your project as you want to show, and simply link them to each other with a drag & drop. You’re ready to create your rendering!

Artlantis Studio 4 creates a folder with all the necessary files for an online presentation (Flash™ player, images, HTML files, etc.). By saving projected plan views into a special folder, you can also navigate in the project using the floor plan.

Present iVisit 3D Panoramas 
on the web or on an iPad/iPhone!

The web player provided with Artlantis 4 is free of charge and royalty free — just use it on your website or onArtlantis.com.