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Trees are definitely an important part of landscape drawing.  Yet when it comes to drawing trees, many people struggle.  It doesn’t have to be hard to draw trees.  In fact, drawing trees is a pretty straight forward activity.  I think the problem arises when people assume that they know what a tree looks like.  So they end up drawing from their imagination (which is good sometimes).  But when you are trying to draw realistic trees, you need to have a reference. That reference might be from life, or it could be a reference photo.  The bottom line is that trees are like any other living thing- they all look different.  Because of this, it’s hard to “make up” a convincing tree.  So you have to look at one.  The good news is that trees are everywhere.

Even though there isn’t a formula for drawing trees, there a few things to keep in mind.  Trees are like any other object that we can see. They have a light side and a dark side.  In other words, they have highlights and shadows.  The highlights and shadows are what define the form of the tree. Another thing to keep in mind, when drawing most trees, you should try to draw the lines for the tree in the manner that a tree grows- from the ground up.  Each branch should get progressively smaller.  Also, do not be afraid to let your marks be loose.  Tree branches grow in very organic and random directions.  Do not feel that you have to draw all of the leaves either.  Usually a little indication of texture can go a long way.

Trees are typically shown in architectural site plans and there are a lot of different ways that you can represent trees. Today, I’m going to show you a simple way that’s fairly easy and straightforward. You start by drawing a small circle which would represent the trunk of the tree and if it’s, you know, if it’s a large tree you’d want to draw the circle slightly larger. If it’s a smaller tree, it’s a smaller circle, that’s pretty self explanatory. So now that you have the trunk drawn you want to draw another circle that represents the canopy of the tree and this can be drawn as just a light circle, it can be drawn as a dash line, I’m going to draw it as a circle. The sides of the circle doesn’t have to necessarily represent the exact canopy of the tree but again, use the same rule of thumb as you do with the tree trunk. If it’s a large tree, you may draw the canopy a little larger, if it’s a smaller tree with a smaller canopy, draw a smaller circle. This is a really simple way to represent a tree in a site plan in just two circles, one representing the trunk, one representing the canopy. If you want your drawing to be a little more detailed you may want to make the outer circle, the canopy a squiggly line that represents more of a tree like form and then you can also draw some lines radiating out from the center of the trunk to also give more detail. If you have two trees that are close together, you can also show those as overlapping circles and then do kind of one squiggly line that connects the two like so.

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how to draw trees in architecture drawing tutorial