Learn How To Make Your Work Look Like That Of A Professional Architectural Illustrator

Learn How To Make Your Work Look Like That Of A Professional Architectural Illustrator

To be perfectly honest I used to have NO CLUE how to come up with hand drawings would look good and that would improve my designs…

I would just sit in front of my living room windows and try to trace over prints of cool renders I found on the internet.

No joke, I remember having a special ‘drawings’ folder full of renders saved from searching the internet for hours every day…

And after wasting a couple more hours on tracing over the renders, I came up with these’ hand drawings’  that looking back would look really, really bad.

Of course, my design sheets got a lot of funny looks because of that…  these ‘drawings’ I used to come up with didn’t have anything to do with my designs in any way so they look really off.

I remember this one time my tutor asked me why did I throw in a random hand traced image smack in the middle of my design presentation…

Of course, all of this didn’t go down very well and I could see my grades plummeting ALTHOUGH, I was working TWICE as hard because of my new ‘hand drawings’.

So one day I decided I had enough, it’s time to sort architectural hand drawing out once and for all…

I was done with poor grades, bad projects and colleagues laughing at my presentation skills.

So I got all the books I could find, tried everything out there, every arts course but ended up still failing miserably most of the time.

Most of the things I’ve found were vague and hit and miss – they didn’t show me the exact steps on how to draw better.

But eventually I’ve managed to crack the code and had A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH.

And I am about to share with you my MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH

The best way you can improve your work and achieve massive leaps in creativity is by LEARNING CORRECT PERSPECTIVE.


Drawing (5)The best way you can improve your work and achieve massive leaps in creativity in anything drawing related is by LEARNING CORRECT PERSPECTIVE.

What Makes A Drawing Look Good?

Perspective can be defined as the art and science of correctly drawing space.

It means you understand the key principles of perspective…

And are able to apply them to any type of work that comes your way.

Knowing how to draw proper, correct perspectives is the one thing that will make all your drawings look good.

It’s as close to a scientific formula as possible…

All drawings that have good perspectives will do fine regardless of the context in which they’re presented…


And all drawings with poor perspective will universally do poorly, no matter how much time and effort you put into them.

Your work will end up looking really smart and professional when done right and you will come across a skilled architectural illustrator.

More than that it’s the fundamental tool you can use to draw anything in an accurate and realistic way.

How To Get Good At Drawing Perspectives

You probably already know two or three people which are just killing it when it comes to hand drawings.

Freehand Drawing (5)It’s that crazy that they got some sort of reputation preceding them – every time they are pining up some work, EVERYBODY pretends to be busy around them so to just get a glimpse at what their work is about.

Even when their ideas are not that elaborate, they still manage to pull it off with some crafty graphics, some crazy hand sketches and… just seem to get away with it.

Well you can become that person.

There’s literally no excuse I’ve heard from my students that turned out to be true…

It’s not about lack of talent, or time, or about trying several time to get good at drawing and failing…

You just need to put the hours in and follow a very good course plan so you learn freehand drawing in a fast and efficient way.

For more info I would recommend you try my book on architectural drawing by clicking the link here.