SketchUp 2015 has Just Released – New tools

SketchUp 2015 has Just Released - New toolsSketchUp 2015 has just Launched with 64-bit version for Windows and Mac machines. SketchUp team has made this version fast, friendly and reliable for our computers. They are launching first time a 64-bit version for Windows and Mac machines.

SketchUp 2015 has sharpened “Face Finder”. Face Finder is the code which used by SketchUp program while you’re modeling.

It has now “Fast Style” badged. It helps your model render much faster.

SketchUp 2015 comes with great new tools.

When it comes to writing new tools for SketchUp, we shoot to make features feel as if you’ve been using them for years. Here what’s new for 2015:

  • SketchUp 2015 features an official Rotated Rectangle tool, so you can now draw precise rectangles unbound by default axes. We have to say: driving this tool feels a little bit like riding a bike with no hands.
  • With our new 3-point Arc tool — which defines bulges by choosing three points — there are now four different ways to draw arc’ed edges.
  • We’ve overhauled LayOut’s Label tool. You can now conveniently place and align beautiful, two-segmented leader labels. We also made label text a lot smarter. Placing a label gives you the option to choose information you’d like to associate with it. Component attributes, BIM classifications, face areas: go on, label as you like.