Smart homes with Qeo Technicolor, at CES 2013

Smart homes with Qeo Technicolor, at CES 2013The idea of the “internet of things” is fine and well, but when was the last time your smartphone had a chat with the fridge? Technicolor is aiming to solve those communication breakdowns with Qeo, a software system to bridge connected devices of all types and brands. While you may be thinking, “Technicolor? That company at the end of the movie credits?” it turns out that the post-production outfit also does items like set-top boxes and DSLR routers through its acquisition ofThomson. Qeo will allow those types of devices, along with smartphones, computers, tablets and even “dumb” systems like intercoms or appliances to all communicate, regardless of the OS or protocol used by each. That’ll create scenarios where your doorbell can notify your smartphone that someone’s waiting to be let in, or allow you to switch a video call from your Android tablet to a Qeo-enabled TV screen, according to Technicolor — providing the right manufacturers, software developers or network operators are using the protocol, of course. Fortunately, the company claims that it’s already signed up a bevy of companies in all those categories, meaning a device-agnostic connected home may be soon within your grasp. You can check the PR after the jump for now, but we’ll have even more details soon in glorious, er, Technicolor, so stay tuned.

Smart homes with Qeo Technicolor, at CES 2013 | inovations