Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, hosted by Versailles, France

Time has come ! If your university is interested in participating in the next Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 in France, please find below all the needed information to complete and send your proposal.

Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 hosted by Versailles France

Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 hosted by Versailles France


The request for proposals (RFP) for Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 in France are available below. The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Please note the following important dates for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 in France :

– Issue date of the RfP : Octobre 10, 2012

– Due date: December 10, 2012 – Midnight Paris time

– Select teams : December 21, 2012

All worldwide universities (college of architecture, engineering and design) are invited to submit proposals. All proposals will reviewed, scored, and ranked.

For technical questions, please submit to



1) Deadline for proposal submission

We have to receive in Paris in our office, the full document by post, by December 10, 2012 – midnight Paris time.

The proposal should be sent to:

Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment 4, avenue du Recteur Poincaré

75 782 Paris Cedex 16, FRANCE


To  facilitate  handling,  please  mark  the  following  on  the outside  of  the  envelope containing your proposal or other related



To be opened by addressee only


2) Do we just have to print and sign Attachment B or is anything else to be developed in this document ?

You must send and signed the proposed “Statement of Work”


Extract RfP point 4 : “One (1) copy of a signed Statement of Work (Attachment B)”

“1. A  cover  letter  including  a  statement  of  the  universities commitment  to participate  in  the  competition,  including  the acceptance of  or any changes with reason.

Note :  any  exception must contain  sufficient  explanations and justification  to  permit evaluation. Such exceptions will not, by themselves, automatically cause an offer to be rejected. A large number of exceptions or one or more significant exceptions not providing  any obvious  benefit  to  SD  Europe Organization may,  however,  result  in rejection of such offer as unacceptable.

2. Five (5) bound copies of a signed Technical Proposal, 3. One completed Registration Form For Entry for each University that is part of a team (Attachment A), 4. One (1) copy of a signed Statement of Work (Attachment B), 5. Five (5) copies of a signed completed Price Proposal Form (Attachment C)”


3) For the Technical Proposal (TP), is it quite clear that there is a limitation of 20 pages as for the TP, including appendices ?

The non-technical informations (letters, resumes, etc…) will not count as part of the 20-page maximum


4) What is the level of detail to give you for the Price Cost Proposal (PCP) ?

We know that some items are easy to price-quantify, and that some others are more complex, but we need a Budget so precise as possible regarding the conditions for a prototype process.

We don’t have a detailed sample of a project summary budget, as many of the teams use various type of approach with materials, team’s budget, travels,…



For more informations :