Studying Architecture in the UAE

Studying Architecture in the UAE

From the underwater hotels, stunning Burj Khalifa and 7-star Burj Al Arab of Dubai, to the spectacular cantilevered Capital Gate (ADNEC) Building that punctuates the magnificence of the Abu Dhabi skyline, the UAE is well known for the biggest and most creative architectural structures in the world. All of these astonishing structures are the product of having a diverse and multicultural society – it makes architecture in the UAE a distinct feature.

Inspiring Surroundings

These notable buildings would not exist without great talents and the UAE has a selection of the best architects from around the world: UK’s Atkins (the designer of the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai) and RMJM (brilliant minds of the Abu Dhabi’s Capital Gate Tower), to name a few.

Working in the UAE

A tax free and attractive salary with great benefits awaits job seekers looking to be employed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, getting a job in the industry is not that easy. Employers require a minimum 2 years of work experience, and this doesn’t include a job seeker’s experience from their home country. If you can speak Arabic, that can be a great asset. Employers also take into consideration the comprehensive education a job seeker has had.

Starting an architect’s career

A firm foundation is essential for a career to progress in the architecture industry. If you’re not coming from any of the world’s best architectural universities, you may have to compensate with even more job experience.

Thankfully, the UAE has a number of universities that offer different architecture courses. In this region of the Middle East, educational facilities are world-class. Universities use advanced media and faculty staff are also highly qualified and dynamic. Students get the right hands-on training and are constantly inspired by the surrounding record-breaking buildings.

Aside from being exposed to different architectural designs, UAE students have a deeper understanding of culture and diversity compared to those who arrive looking to start a career after studying elsewhere. The UAE is an incredible place to study architecture, and it’s well worth considering if you want to head abroad for your degree.