Temple Factory

The Temple Factory produces collective memories for the city. Located in Melbourne’s City Square, it is a multilevel, underground building that combines spiritual and monumental aspects of death with the material and medical realities of life. It links to the city’s cathedral, public space and urban lane-ways through interior and exterior space.
In fact, Temple factory would be the replacement of the future Melbourne graveyards, where the factory will take the human body after their death and recycle them both physically and spiritually. Temple factory as a title refers to a new typology of the urban development which takes place somewhere between industry and religious building typology or the combination of both!
The project was part of the Future Factory upper pool studio in RMIT University, which explored architectural and urban design possibilities for future manufacturing in the city. This project proposed an industry around recycling dead bodies, religious ceremonies and manufacturing memory as the final product. Building offers new public activities linked to existing urban programs in Melbourne, to propose innovative building types for future manufacturing, research or commercial buildings.