The 2013 Graduate Architecture Award winners have been announced

The 2013 Graduate Architecture Award Winners.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Graduate Architecture Award. First and foremost we want to congratulate all participants of this year’s competition. This year we have received a great amount of truly amazing projects, which like always makes it extremely difficult to decide on a winner. For this year we have added the three previous winners to join our jury to decide on the winning projects.


Introducing Our Guest Jurors – 2013

Almudena Cano Pineiro – The 2012 Winner
Stavros Zachariades  Graduates Architecture is not only a platform for the promotion of our projects, but also a source of knowledge and inspiring works opened to everyone interested in architecture, urbanism, landscape, design. I would like to congratulate all participants for their stimulating proposals and the high ambitions revealed in their research. Welcome to all the new graduates to the professional practice, a new opportunity to connect the impressive quality of your works with relevant tasks for the future of our cities and societies.

The Selection

1st Place: Pleasance Home, Between Natural and Artificial By Hanson Hsu, Taiwan.

The project calls for a new contract between mankind and Nature manifested firstly in the domestic scale. This is an intelligent and beautiful exercise of housing where the concepts of private and public are redefined towards a new collective habitat. The designer found an interesting urban support where participative ways of living can emerge.

2nd Place: Food Waste By Irene Ayala Castro, Spain.

A project firmly committed to a responsible management of our resources. The designer has evinced the global problem of food production and consumption and the proposal gives an effective local answer through architecture to this complex challenge. Brilliant research with promising interventions that could be the starting point of new processes of social and environmental change.

3rd Place: Dressing Architecture. (Hundertwasser’s 5 Skins Theory Revisited) By Irina del Olmo Leung, Spain.

From the handwork and prototype scale, this research reveals innovative construction systems with fascinating possibilities in architecture. The project combines methods and instruments for analysis, design and exploration with materials that arise from the dialogue between other disciplines as arts or biology. I would encourage the designer not to stop here, and further develop her amazing research and its application in other fields.


Stavros Zachariades – The 2011 Winner
Stavros Zachariades

A great selection of work this year covering a broad range of subjects. What really shines through is the broad range of research into various systems that shape the built environment ranging from environmental, social and structural all in variable scales

The Selection

1st Place: New Valer Church Norway Marina Soares Cardoso and Casper Lindskog Pedersen, Denmark.

The New Valer Church project was certainly my favourite this year. The seemingly simple design sits most elegantly over the remains of the old derelict church. Respectfully the whole structure anchors itself only at two points that enforce a feeling of supernatural support. Images of Utzon’s Sydney opera house and eggshell concept come to mind when looking at this. Moreover the roof’s ceiling becomes the space’s own built in amplification device as done in places such as Aalto’s Vyborg library lecture hall. The work shows much rigor and conscious effort to balance aesthetics with sustainable design which I highly commend and Marina and Casper both have conveyed a beautiful atmosphere within. Great work!

2nd Place: 2nd Horticultural regeneration device Leticia de Navascues Abad, Spain.

Inventive and playful this quirky project is filled with youthful energy. The statement it makes is humane and empowering. “Yes, the city evolves and space is at a premium so let allotments shoot up like weeds between the buildings…why not?” It’s a bold statement but a serious study looking into how growing and food systems interoperate. What if our allotments looked like pieces of art would we attract more of the younger generation to grow their own food?

3rd Place: Dressing Architecture, Irina del Olmo Leung, Spain.

This project was particularly interesting in following Irina’s journey. Looking analysing making modelling breaking adjusting remaking tweaking! I really enjoyed the theoretical question “Does fashion transcend architecture’s borders or vice versa?” More than a finished architectural solution or a fashion piece I see a rich bank of potential ideas springing from this project and ideas are important.

So overall my selection this year has ranged from the almost realistically constructible to the highly theoretical. The feeling is that these projects should inspire future graduates to explore through the multitude of tools available digital and not. To explore ideas and propose their own solutions and to keep a rigor in their process and work. Respecting the context, the environment, and social richness there is in the world around us.

Stavros Zachariades –


Akis Pattihis – The 2010 Winner
Akis Pattihis

The Selection

1st Place: Dressing Architecture. (Hundertwasser’s 5 Skins Theory Revisited) By Irina del Olmo Leung, Spain

2nd Place: Buried ar[t]chitectures by Maria Esther Rioja, Spain

3rd Place: Food Waste by Irene Ayala Castro, Spain

My 1st place project captures a wider sense of what architecture is; adapting a theory, exploring its potentials and transforming it to ultimately caterer for human life and interaction. Through rigorous testing, extensive research and fine analysis, the project develops and explores varying scales and techniques. Irene creates an architecture that evolves through the interaction between its structure and its user. Through the advancements in technology, the exploration of designing architecture as a ‘living organism’ and an extension of the human body, makes this project both intriguing and playful; reassuring us of architecture’s endless boundaries.

Akis Pattihis –


1st Place 2013 Graduate Architecture Award

Dressing Architecture

By Irina del Olmo Leung, Spain
Graduate Architecture Award Short-List 2013


2nd Place 2013 Graduate Architecture Award

Food Waste

By Irene Ayala Castro, Spain
Graduate Architecture Award Short-List 2013


3rd Place 2013 Graduate Architecture Award

Harbour Revitalization Kadiköy, Istanbul

By Anton Pramstrahler & Ersin Öner, Austria
Graduate Architecture Award Short-List 2013


Honorable Mentions 2013

Buried ar[t]chitectures

By Maria Esther Rioja, Spain
Graduate Architecture Award Short-List 2013



By ?ukasz Iwan, Poland
Graduate Architecture Award Short-List 2013

New Valer Church

By Mariana Soares Cardoso & Casper Lindskog Pedersen, Denmark
Graduate Architecture Award Short-List 2013

The 2013 Graduate Architecture Award winners have been announced