Art Museum

Design Concept:
The new contemporary Art Museum of Gaziantep is designed to emphasis the importance of Art and to collect the artistic paintings of Gaziantep and Turkey also.
-When I began the design process of this museum I wanted it to be a famous place in this city, a place which you have to visit when you come to Gaziantep, so it requires being unique and different and also blending with the general architectural characteristics of this city.
-The first idea came into my mind is very simple, a watercolor mixing board that has many circles which would represent the building of the museum, then step by step and after many solutions I got to this final shape which combines a variety of geometry shapes…
Brief of the Functions:
Administration Building:
-This building contains two floors each one is 3 meters height .
-The upper floor is specialized for the Library part.
-The ground floor contains a Conference Saloon + Admins Offices.
Theater Building:
I designed the theater to blend with the main design of the museum and also gives a new look by using the folded plate system to cover its roof, this theater can be used for educational lectures and conferences.
Café and Gifts Shop Building:
One floor building with 5 meters roof height connected directly to the main exhibition building.
This unit is designed very carefully first to get as much as possible of the day light, and also to use the fantastic view of the statues and the mini forest in front of it, that’s why the main façade of this building is made of glass, so I made it as a café and a Gift Shop for visitors to enjoy their time during the visit of the museum.
Exhibition Building:
This can be considered as the administrator building and also the main unit of this museum because it contains all the Exhibitions.
-it’s designed with a cylinder shape and diagonal walls.
-Folded plate system roof with glass windows on side to provide the day light for the big exhibition hall.
-Maximum height of 15 meters.
-the ground floor is opened to the basement by a huge gallery.
-the upper part is used for objects that isn’t effected by sun light, and the basement exhibition is used for objects that shouldn’t get exposed to sunlight.
– Around the main gallery is a temporary exhibition area, and the other exhibitions are permanent.
-the basement exhibition height is 5 meters.
-the main entrance of this building is in the East direction.
General Notes:
-all the units of the museum are connected to the main exhibition building by pedestrian paths.
-Note that each unit has its own daily services (WC, Small/ Big Kitchen, Stair Cases and Lifts if needed).
-An open car parking for at least 20 cars between visitors and staff.
-A Security and Tickets units are located on the entrance of the museum which is made of steel covered with Glass panels–.

The new contemporary Art Museum of Gaziantep The new contemporary Art Museum of Gaziantep The new contemporary Art Museum of Gaziantep The new contemporary Art Museum of Gaziantep The new contemporary Art Museum of Gaziantep