The World’s Best Architecture Universities and Architectural Programs

The World’s Best Architecture Schools

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The World’s Best Architecture Universities and Architectural Programs.

1. SCI-arc Southern California Institute of Architecture, SCI-Arc (Los Angeles, California, USA) – A truly amazing architecture institute that provides a great opportunity to develope yourself as a well rounded architect. SCI-Arc is the leader in sustainable design and one of the best institutes for computational design. Additionally, and perhaps for many students most importantly, it is NAAB accredited which will be a requirement if you want to become a licensed architect in the United States (with some exceptions, California being one of them). 6. TU Delft Technical University Delft(Delft, the Netherlands) – is among the very best in the world for both architecture and engineering. With World renowned faculty and several amazing programs to choose from. We have not featured Delft in the past few years after a disaster had struck when a faulty coffee machine caused the school to burn to the ground. The future of the school was uncertain and students were placed in large tents. The Dutch government made it its priority to rebuild as quick as possible, recently completing the new school which is better than ever.
2. Architectural Association London Architectural Association, AA(London, England) – Remains one of our top favorite architecture school in the world as it demonstrates being a world leader in so many fields of architecture. Notably the best architecture firms around the world have a tendency to pick up these students as soon as they are finished. This is eventually one of the most important aspects of choosing a school, one with which will quickly set you up with a good job, therefore being a very good return on investment. 7. ETH_DARCH ETH Zurich, DARCH (Zurich, Switzerland) – Is one of the best universities for architecture in Europe. It is notable how many of today’s great architects have graduated from this university, including Pritzker Prize winning architects Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron, the very well known Santiago Calatrava, the prominent Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage and many more. The down side is that there are limited spaces available and very competitive, so a placement cannot be guaranteed.
3. MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT(Massachusetts, USA) – This institute has always been a leader in engineering and today is very involved with all facets of architectural teaching. What is remarkable about MIT is how involved they are with architecture, it is almost impossible to find an aspect of architecture that MIT is not involved with. This will spark your passion as an architect and keep you driven to succeed. Despite the relatively high cost (which unfortunately is very high throughout the United States), we believe it is a great investment. 8. IaaC Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, IaaC(Barcelona, Spain) – Another great architecture institute with a constantly increasing amount of programs including a recently added ‘Master in Advanced Interaction’ which will be available as of next term. Their Master in Advanced Architecture features, among others, a course in sustainability and self-sufficient design, which can be followed as a one or two year course. This incredible institute is found in one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world, the majestic city of Barcelona.
4. Danish Royal Academy of fine Art The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Another great University we highly recommend. The Danish have demonstrated a great understanding on ‘new’ architecture and are becoming the forerunners of the modern world. They teach several programs in English at a cost of €5000 per semester for non-EU students (far less or potentially free with government subsidies for EU students). 9. Glasgow School of Art The Glasgow School of Art(Glasgow, Scotland) – Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a former student and world renowned architect. This schools is definitely one to look at to further deepen your artistic architecture skills. The GSA is the only independant art school in Schotland and one of very few in the UK. The Glasgow school of art offers various undergraduate and graduate degree studies which are among the worlds finest.
5. University of Tokyo University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) – The Japanese are leaders in cultural design with a rich heritage in architecture. Not only are they among the world leaders in architectural design but in engineering as well. The University of Tokyo has proven to be among the elite universities in the world and a testimony to that is Tokyo itself, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, is not only a beautiful city but held strong during on of the largest earthquakes in history. University of Tokyo have an impressive list of alumni, including Toyo Ito and Arata Isozaki. 10. American University of Sharjah American University of Sharjah Due to popular vote we have dedicated a place on the top 10 list to the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. The students of this university have demonstrated a tremendous amount of enthousiasm in voting for their university. For us this is one of the key factors in choosing a ‘best’ school, not only the program that it has (which is phenominal at this university, with recognized NAAB accreditation) but also how students react to their education and their level of satisfaction.