tissellistudio is looking for an intern in architecture and design.

tissellistudio is looking for an intern in architecture and design.
Eye-kon, a London-based 3D visualisation studio, is offering a paid full-time ARCHITECTURA Linternship

tissellistudioarchitetti was founded in Cesena in 1998. The studio specializes mainly in residential architecture and interior design and has been international recognized for its work. The biggest advantage of a small studio includes the opportunity to be personally involved in all stages of the building process, from the design concept, through construction, to completion. 
tissellistudioarchitetti is committed to contemporary architecture, applying professional experience and an eye for detail to every project. 
The practice can start from 1st october and will last at least 3 months. The longer period is possibile as well (up to 6 months). Please let us when would you like to start and for how long will you stay. If you need some additional information do not hesitate to contact us in any case.

Knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired:
extending knowledge about architecture and design process by working on the recent projects in host studio. 
Tasks of the trainee:
elaboration of the design with all the essential features like plans, sections, elevations, visualizations and details.
Detailed programme of the training period: 
working on interior project for an office building and single family house in the countryside.
Monitoring and evaluation plan:
working in team with other trainees under the supervision by the appointed mentor from tissellistudio.
we are waiting for your CV and portfolio at info@tissellistudio.com