The Future of Smarter sketching & architectural design

An iPad app that enables smarter sketching & architectural design. Import to CAD.

the Future of Design in Architecture and Education

Designed to Make™

Concepts brings professional-level design and visual thinking to the iPad.

Bridge freeform sketching with the accuracy of CAD and design parts for a new UAV, create vector illustrations and comics, make mockups and take notes, or design a new hospital. One smart tool, infinite possibilities.

Use COPIC® Marker’s beautiful hand-picked color palette, an infinite canvas, flexible multi-touch shape guides, after-the-fact stroke adjustments, and powerful export options to bring all your ideas to life.

Precision Sketching

Bring the power of CAD to your sketches.

Shape Guides give you flexible multi-touch geometry at your fingertips.

Measurement does the math for you.

Snap-to Sketching automatically connects end-points like auto-complete for your drawing.

Concepts isn’t just accurate, it’s intelligent.

“It’s lightweight CAD you can touch.” – Guy on Facebook

Adjust Anything

Bring individual pen strokes back to life with a single touch.

Then move it, stretch it, straighten it, or change the ink weight and color. Create objects and make copies. Delete individual strokes. Enjoy infinite layers.

Our Fluid Ink Engine leverages the feel and freedom of raster with the benefits of vector. So you can edit in flow, and feel your designs.

Never before has my finger been mightier than my pencil!!! Creativity has blossomed literally on my fingertips!! Lovely.

Well Connected

Use your favorite Bluetooth Stylus from Adobe, Adonit, HEX3, Pogo, and Wacom.

Connect to Adobe Creative Cloud to import and export images and PSDs.

Bring in images from Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud Drive, and export back to them.

Export to vector-based SVG, print-ready PNG, AutoCAD’s DXF format, and Adobe PSD and send them to dozens of professional applications for further use.