Virtual Context International Design Competition 2013


Design Challenge:

In today’s world, information is delivered through advanced technologies and is changing the way we interact with the physical world.  Information is exchanged through a virtual world built on the framework of the internet, computers, and mobile technology.  This changes the way we interact with the built world.  How interconnected can virtual and physical worlds become and how does this relationship influence physical architecture and its context? 

This design competition is an exploration into the relationship between an architectural design, the virtual world, and your chosen site.  Investigate the influence of the virtual world blending with physical architecture.   How does this process help solve some of the increasingly complex issues in our world today?  How are the users and site influenced by this concept? 


Physical Architecture + Virtual + Context 



Innovative Minds Competition – Winner 

$1000 USD to winning project.  The winning project will also be published on the Gurroo website for an extended period of time.

Honorable Mention –

10 Projects will receive this award.  Honorable Mention projects will be published on the Gurroo website.

Open Source Design Tools Donation –

10% of Registration fees will be donated to an open source design program to ensure the development of open source design programs.  These tools are encouraged to be used in the development of competition submissions.  A list of several programs may be found on the Gurroo website.


 Virtual Context International Design Competition 2013

Registration Instructions:

Registration fees will be collected through Google Checkout.  A project registration number will then be e-mailed to the applicants.  Instructions will also be sent detailing how to electronically submit projects.  One registration is required for a team or individual participant. (Individuals or teams are welcome to register multiple projects.)

Early Registration:

$25 Early registration is available for a discounted rate of $25 until March 31, 2013.

Standard Registration:

 $35 Regular registration is $35 between April 1, 2013 and  May 15, 2013.

After paying the registration fee on Google Checkout or Paypal please e-mail with:

a. Individual or team member names.

b. The location of the team/individual designer (city, state, or country).

c. School or firm affiliation (if necessary)

d. Name of registration purchaser, Google Checkout or Paypal order number.


Register here on Google Checkout or Paypal:

After Registration

A confirmation e-mail from will be sent with the following:

1.  A project registration number.
2.  Instructions regarding how to submit projects electronically.

Please read through the rules of the competition below and note that after registering for the competition you agree to these rules.

Thank you for supporting


Any site may be chosen for the design competition.

This project may be designed on any scale; micro or macro.

The relationship between the chosen site and the architectural design must be clearly articulated.

Open to all individuals and teams of up to 4 members: students, design professionals, artists, and engineers are encouraged to apply.  This is an international competition.


December 2012 – Competition requirements announced (registration begins)

March 31, 2013 – Early registration deadline

May 15, 2013 – Registration deadline

June 1, 2013 – Submission deadline

June 2 – June 16, 2013- Preliminary judging evaluation by (to verify projects comply with competition rules)

June 17 – June 30, 2013- Official judging panel evaluation

July 1, 2013 Winner of the Innovative Minds Competition announced


Boards must be submitted electronically by June 1, 2013 to

1.  A text file (.doc) containing team member names, school or firm if necessary and the location of the team/individual (city, state, or country).

2.  Project Statement (300 words) .doc file format. English is the official language of the competition.

3.  Two (2) horizontal boards, 24? x 36? 300 dpi submitted electronically in PDF format.


1. Renderings evoking an emotive quality using unique techniques.

2. Section, elevation and plan drawings.

3. Diagrams describing how the project addresses the competition challenge statement.

4. Registration number located clearly in the upper right corner of both boards.

5. Text must be at least 12 point font.

6. English is the official language of the competition.


Preliminary judging will be conducted by Gurroo LLC to verify projects meet required competition rules and requirements.

A qualified judging panel of 3-5 will be chosen to evaluate the projects submitted by participants.  All of last year’s judges were working in the architectural profession.


1. How well does the project answer the design challenge with a successful architectural solution?

2.  Overall quality of the presentation boards.

3.  Graphic quality of drawings clearly displays the essence of the project.


the intellectual property rights of any third party, including, but not limited to copyright, trademark and design right. Gurroo LLC shall not be responsible for entrant’s infringement of any third party intellectual property rights, regardless of whether said infringement was known or should have been known by entrant.

Use of submitted works

Entrant agrees that Gurroo LLC and competition sponsors are granted the non-exclusive reproduction rights to all entries for Gurroo LLC advertising, promotion, exhibition, print publication and internet purposes directly relating to the competition.

Gurroo LLC shall have no responsibility for any unauthorized use of the entrant’s works by any third party, including but not limited to the sponsors.

Publication restrictions

Entrants may not refer to projects that have already been implemented or that have been designed on the basis of any agreement entered into by the entrant or entrants with a public, public/private or fully private body with the intention of actual development of the project in question. Similarly, entries may not refer to projects published before the last day of the deliberations of the judging panel.

Anonymous Competition

The authors of each project will be confidential and will not be shown to the third party judging panel or the honorable mention voting panel.


The schedule of the competition may be changed by Gurroo LLC if there is a need to ensure the success of the competition and applicant projects.

Registration Terms

All registration fees are non-refundable.  Applicants agree to the terms of the competition upon registration.  If the rules of the competition are not followed applicant projects may be disqualified.

Competition Contact:
Questions can be forwarded to:

Joe Procunier


Competition Website: