Winter/Spring Internship at Boutique high-end Residential Interior Design Firm

Boutique high-end Residential Interior Design Firm looking for someone to help out in our NYC office while learning the tricks of the trade. Our projects are mainly residential in and around NY but also spread out all over the country.

We are looking for someone with a discerning eye that is enthusiastic and has great energy. Design background is not an absolute must, however understanding the industry or the D&D, furniture and or color etc., would be helpful!

Tasks would include but not limited to: shopping for fabrics at the D&D, shopping for furniture, online shopping, making stock inquiries, running errands, returning samples, helping prep for photo-shoots, updating our website and the like.

Flexible schedule is okay!

*PS Moving to a new office April 1st, very busy with installations, special events/parties and photoshoots this Spring.