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Corlandus Lang


I am an Architecture student, currently attending the school of Architecture at the Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco. I'm in my 2 semester, going into the 3rd this. The reason I chose this career path is because the architectural world of today, is moving toward the infinite limits of the impossible. Reaching new heights in structural presentations, the visual and censorial perceptions of architecture will increase in the possibilities of human habitation and experience. This new type of architecture is what I plan to embrace on. The goal is to generate, both the physical and visual experiences of architecture; a more intensified perception. Taking the landscape and planting the site with the seed of planned structure, and giving it water and nutrients of program, circulation, activity, and human behavior. Seeing the landscape give birth to this new genre of architecture, we watch the growth of the structure overtime. As it swells and decreases with circulation and activity of habitation, it changes the landscape and forms to its surroundings, becoming a harmonious sequence in external and internal relationships. This new type of architecture can be visualized as a living organism, that survives off of the behavior of human activity. This is were I plan to take architecture to a new level of extreme performances.

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